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Latest News

Detailed change information can be found in the CHANGES file.

Version 3.0.0 is available. This version fixed a bug in the AES encryption and added a new parameter to specify the user name column in the group table. 2005-6-22

Version 2.9.0 is available. This version corrected two problems and adds an option to set the character set in MySQL. Additionally, the module now includes formatting parameters to compare additional information in the request such as the originating IP address, the contents of stored cookies and more. 2005-2-21

Version 2.8.1 is available. This version corrects two problems in the AES encryption processing.2004-12-14

Version 2.8.0 is available. This version adds support for Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Secure Hashing Algorithm (SHA1) encryption methods. Most of the documentation has also been rewritten to make it easier to build, install and configure mod_auth_mysql. 2004-12-07

Version 2.7.0 is now out. This one fixes a problem in the handling of the "require group" and "require user" statements in your httpd.conf and/or .htaccess files. The module should now authorize any user listed in the "require user" statement or any user who belongs to a group in the "require group" statement. 2004-11-01

A present for OS X users! Drew Bell ( has contributed an installation package for OS X. 2004-10-06

Release 2.6.1 contains a minor bug fix. When AuthMySQLEnable was Off, mod_auth_mysql still performed some unnecessary operations. This fix causes mod_auth_mysql to return immediately if AuthMySQLEnable is off. 2004-10-04

Release 2.6.0 contains a bug fix and several significant enhancements. The bug fix was a compile error on Apache 1.x in the 2.5.0 code.
Enhancements include:

We are trying to get a current version of the Windows binaries, or at least current instructions on how to compile for Windows. (2004-09-21)

Updated based on two user patches. Compiling the source caused warnings to be issued due to missing header files. Also updated to include two new options: AuthMySQLPort and AuthMySQLSocket. (2004-09-08)

A Christmas present for Windows users!
Steve Brown has contributed a package that allows Windows users to build the mod_auth_mysql module. Note that this requires Visual Studio.

Removed the dependency on OpenSSL for MD5 support, since it turns out Apache's API already has MD5 functions!

Integrated another user patch. Turns out the change to the connect function call was missing a crucial step. All users who have downloaded one of the versions from 20030316 to 20030318 are encouraged to upgrade if you encountered problems connecting to your database. Thanks to Iain Patterson for reporting the bug and providing a patch.

Updated README after discovering that one of the example directives it suggests using ("AuthGroupFile /dev/null") will cause group-based authentication not to function correctly with Apache2.
See the latest README here.

Added MD5 support (based on a patch from Martin Willner) and made sure it compiles with MySQLv4's new connection function (based on a patch from Artur Kedzierski). Also updated the README a bit.

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